How Chance The Rapper is saving the World

Chance the Rapper. You may have heard of him. If you haven’t, most would suggest to immediately stop what you are doing and listen to someone who has changed the Grammys forever. Chance the Rapper also known by his real name Chancellor Bennet, is not only one of the most talented artists of this generation; but has changed the landscape for what artists are expected to do as well as how they should be rewarded.

In and era where gangsta-rap is shifting to drill music, Chance stands out in his city. A Chicago native, Chance has an entirely different sound from just about any other artist. “Acid Rap” has been dubbed his “style”. Chance first broke onto the scene with his major success of 10 day, a mix-tape he made in ten days while he was suspended from school for smoking weed.  If you’re twenty to thirty something years old, and you know anything about nostalgia, 10 day and his project that followed, Acid Rap, are over flowing with it.



Most of Chances music has been free. All available on Sound cloud. He co-wrote the Life of Pablo and had a few other releases like the Social Experiment. However his third project, Coloring Book, was so popular the recording academy has now changed the rules for how an artist could be nominated at the Grammys. All of Chances music is stream-able. Prior to his success no other online/entirely free artist could be nominated for a Grammy. Chance changed this. He changed it by having over 57 million people play this mix-tape which is like saying a whole bunch of people bought it, and played it over and over again to bask in its greatness.

Chance_The_Rapper Offical Tumblr.jpg


Chance is not your average rapper. You wont see him buying ten new cars or a yacht, or a mink coat. You might see him making a coat though. Chance the Rapper is arguably the most active music recording artist trying to stop the Chicago poverty and crime problem. Teaming up with a non-profit Chance the Rapper started the warmest winter campaign. The company hired homeless workers to help make jackets, that were also sleeping bags. He provided thousands of jackets to the people of Chicago and raised a tremendous amount of money. The end goal is that hopefully the company can have a permanent place in helping Chicago streets.

Apart from being a father and the millennial generations most talented artist, Chance also seems to be the only one who is able to stop violence in Chicago. On two different occasions, Chance has called for 42 hours of peace. Both occasions worked. The first being memorial day weekend with his #savechicago plan. In 2014, he was awarded with Chicago youth of the year by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chance again created another hashtag #may23 another time for peace. Again, Chicago saw no gun violence for 42 hours.

Currently Chance the Rapper is on tour. The impact has yet to fully resonate with the hip-hop and music world. Artists now can independently make their own music, and still be nominated for a Grammy. The man has literally changed the landscape of music. While other rappers donate to charity, no one is as vocal as Chance. He uses his lime-light trying to fix issues for young men, poverty-stricken communities, curbing gang violence, and probably one day saving the world. Chance the Rapper deserves way more credit and recognition than our society gives him. Hopefully, we see a Grammy in Chances hand soon enough.

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