The Growing Need For Public Relations In The Cannabis Industry

The green rush is upon the United States. With billions to be made venture capitalists from all over are flocking to Colorado, California, Washington, and Massachusetts to invest in the not so new Cannabis Industry.  The lengthy battle of federal cannabis legalization is far from over. States that have legalized the drug, have seen a massive amount of benefits post legal weed. In Washington state cannabis related offenses that would have led to incarceration have dropped by 81%. They have received 83 million dollars in tax revenue. An enormous amount of which funded addiction treatment, and mental health care. Both of which are all to overlooked as well as under funded nationwide. In August it was reported that Colorado had received 60 million dollars worth of tax revenue. New schools, roads, and Colorado infrastructure as a whole has a lot more funding. Which brings us to our point. Any persons who have some form of public relations(PR) degree; the cannabis industry needs and most definitely has a spot for them.


(William Breathes)

There has been a massive smear campaign against cannabis. Some of the most idiotic propaganda one could see. Why the drug remains illegal is easy for anyone to read up on. If hemp could be grown by farmers nationally, more than likely the plastic, paper, and alcohol industry would be hurt tremendously. Hemp can replace pretty much anything.  Insulation, plastic materials, paper, bumpers on cars, ropes, wicks for candles, structures and god knows what else. Poland Spring could be producing 100% sustainable litter-free hemp bottles. Instead legislators and corporations choose to be lazy and keep weed illegal. Printing paper companies would be forced to switch to hemp farmers rather than being a contributor to deforestation. Not only that but it’s exponentially cheaper to grow a bunch of cannabis than it is to move massive tons of machinery through rain forests, and mountain areas. It is almost mind boggling that paper and lumber companies wouldn’t rather switch to hemp. It’s massively cheaper, creates thousands if not millions of jobs, and can all be done within the country. Why on earth would lumber companies want to ship their production to the rain forest, when they could purchase thousands of acres and produce the same, if not more of the products they need, domestically?


This can be boiled down to a number of obvious reasons. Cannabis, being highly illegal, funds prisons. This is a fact. There are more people locked up for smoking and selling cannabis than all violent crimes combined. Put that into perspective when America also has the largest incarceration rate. Ever wonder who created those drug awareness adds you had to watch in health class? A large amount of funding towards the misinformation about Cannabis in these films came from big tobacco, big pharma, and Alcohol companies. You know the companies that have a death toll a billion times that of cannabis. Big tobacco gets hurt because not everyone wants to smoke something that will kill them. @Lee Fang, wrote an article for Vice in September, 2014 that points out that the people opposing cannabis work for Big-Pharma. Fang wrote “Dr. Mark L. Kraus, who runs a private practice and is a board member to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, submitted testimony in 2012 in opposition to a medical marijuana law in Connecticut… Kraus served on the scientific advisory panel for painkiller companies such as Pfizer”. Big pharma would loose money off of pain-killers, anti-depressants, and anti-nausea medications. The friend who doesn’t want to drink tonight might choose to eat a brownie. They might smoke a joint rather than miserably drinking a few beers because there friends didn’t want to party alone. Budweiser cant have that.

With that being said the FDA looses out on a lot as well. For starters, addiction treatment facilities for teenagers make oodles off of “Cannabis addiction therapy”. PTSD treatment for our veterans points towards cannabis being way more helpful than the massive amount of anti-anxiety/depressant/or psychotic medication pumped to these people. The VA says otherwise but our government clearly doesn’t value our veterans like they use too.  Tylenol, Advil, and Aspirin would all have to deal with a competitor that has no physical side effects that are life threatening. A bottle of CBD vs a bottle of Aspirin that can cause rye syndrome? Everyone would take the CBD. Which cannot get someone high! Its also saving epileptic children, but still our government would rather see these children not make it to there twelfth birthday. All because they were not legally allowed to use a homeopathic treatment method, that has proven to work better than a lot of which is on the market. Caffeine kills more people worldwide. Caffeine folks.


So to the geniuses behind ‘Reefer Madness’, and all these smear campaigns referring to cannabis as the devils lettuce. Congrats you won the battle.  You literally changed the name of the cannabis plant to a wild Tobacco plant called ‘marijuana’. The war is far from over, and now with an advancement in public relations like no where else in the world, be prepared cannabis haters.There is a heavy population of millennials with communications degrees who want nothing more than to smoke weed without having to be paranoid. “Paranoia” is not a bad thing as a side effect of weed. The fact that the drug is illegal in states like New Jersey and is beyond easy to get locked up for is what makes people paranoid in the wrong kind of way. If you are a college graduate with a communications degree and are having trouble getting hired, we advise you too look at a website like this. is a company now using basic public relations tactics that any firm, or department would use. This is the beginning of a new economy.


Imagine being part of Starbucks prior to it becoming a global enterprise for Coffee. This is how new and amazing this industry will be. The cannabis industry needs good PR to combat lobbyists, legislators, the IRS, and the FDA. Enough is enough. Clearly President Obama legalized weed in DC for a reason. From a sprained ankle to fighting cancer. Cannabis is so powerful, our own government cannot possible put a plan in place that would deal with the influx of changing markets from so many different industries. The losses would be exponential. Its similar to the climate change debate. No one who is smart enough to read a book wants to continue to omit fossil fuels, but on that same note no one wants to vote for a regulation that would cost thousands of people work in coal mines, or the auto-motive industry.  There is a right way to do this but we need to come together and work out a solution. Public and government together. In the next four years of the strange orange skinned, cotton candy haired President Elect we refer to as Trump, can we finally legalize weed?

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