Joey Bada$$ Steadily Secures His Spot As A Hip-Hop G.O.A.T.

1999, The Secc$ Tap.e., and Amerikkkan Korruption. If you consider yourself a fan of hip-hop and you haven’t heard these crucial pieces of Art; stop what you’re doing and start listening to the royal family of the Beast Coast movement called Pro Era, led by none other than Joey Bada$$.

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Joey Bada$$. One of the most most talented rap artists from New York the hip hop industry has seen in quite some time. Bada$$ founded Pro Era. What Jay Z did with Rocafella Records, BadA$$ plans to do as well. With his own twist. Pro Era also has the brand element like Bad Boy did. A squad full of savage rappers and producers who have yet to really break the surface, because they havent had too. They have such a massive following worldwide that they dont need to be on E news to make a quick buck. Pro Era is part of the Beast Coast movement along with the Underachievers, and the Flatbush Zombies. According to the artists invovled, specific interviews amongst memebers suggest A$AP Mob, Mick Jenkins, and Phony Ppl are also Beast Coast. There are other alleged memebers but to keep it simple the Beast Coast and specifically Joey Bada$$ are with out a doubt the best lyricists in the game right now.

Pro Era: Joey Bada$$ x Capital STEEZ

Born on January, 20th, 1995 in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York and raised in Bed Stuy,  Joeys success continues to quietly outshine a majority of other rappers who are deemed “famous”. The single Devastated from B4.DA.$$ went Gold recently. He has an ongoing role in the Golden Globe winning show “Mr. Robot”, all while he remains promoting his best friends on their own label. Bada$$ and the rest of Pro Era are like a rebel group of gorilla fighters taking back the peoples music. Bada$$ is like the Michael Collins of the group. Even J. Cole needed to drop in for some new ammunition. Joey made a song called Waves (Produced by Freddie Joachim) on the 1999 project. It played a role in generating his stardom.

Pro Era

J. Cole used the beat from Waves in False prophets track. Similar to how Joey can say he’s part of a Golden Globe winning team, he can also say he has been at the top of the charts. Considering Cole dissed Kanye West, allgeadly Wale, and the song having a crazy amount of internet traffic. BadA$$ gets a small part of all of that when one really thinks about it. Trolling both Cole and Yeezy on Twitter saying “Imma tell Cole like  I told Kanye earlier this year. … I still got the best Waves of all time! Haha”

Continuing on to tweet, “Nah but nothing but love for my big brother @JColeNC. He played the song for me & asked for my blessing on the beat months ago. Real one #4″

Why does Millennial Trends think BadA$$ is a future G.O.A.T? There is a number of reasons that date back to his years at Edward Murrow High. “JayohVee” founded Pro Era with Capital Steez, Kirk Knight, and Powers Pleasent. If one isnt from New York or New Jersey they truly dont understand how big of a deal Pro Era has become. 2012 saw the song “survival tactics” by Bada$$ and Steez go viral. Along with the rest of Pro Era having small appreances on MTV. Pro Era marketed themselves to a niche audeince and a brand of hip-hop exclusive with NYC. Boom-bap. Their audeince in New York, and worldwide is enough revenue for BadA$$ to build a new music empire in the City. Like Chance The Rapper, Bada$$ remains independent and streams his music for free. Reguardless, Bada$$ is selling out of merchandise just as Rocawear or Sean John has. His music has been streamed for free and purchased far more than those who are favored by the lime light. Infact B4.DA.$$ out sold Migos and Young Thug in its first week. National and World tours in thirty diffrent cities on numerous occasions have put a massive amount of money in the Pro Era, and Bada$$ bank account. BadA$$ at twenty two years of age is signlaing a challenge to the Kings of New York. More specifically Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

Jay Z, Diddy, and Russel Simmons have a sort of monopoly like feel to the New York area. Jay Z clearly holds the throne for the best rapper and arguably has control of the entire industry. Bad Boy isn’t what it use to be. How ever, the earlier mentioning of that niche audience New York has kept Bad Boy profiting far more than others in the industry. BaDA$$ is now making his step on the court against everyone of these indiviguals. Along with A$AP Rocky, BadA$$’s success has been fast, outstanding, and a clear threat to Jay Z. Clearly he knows his worth in this market. He also has done something few artists would ever do. Turned down a deal to Roccafella records. All because of a book called “Decoded” written by none other than Jay Z. “Decoded” has a passage in which Jay talks about not wanting to sign to Def Jam while he was sitting across from Russel Simmons. He didnt want too because he craved the same power that Simmons had. Bada$$, motivated by his idol, declined sigining with Jay Z because of that very passage he read. Although many don’t know why someone would do this, the fact that Jay Z called upon BadA$$ right after Waves sucess, indicated to everyone how big of a deal BadA$$ was going to be.

 Joey Bada$$ 

Currently his networth is three million dollars. He has his own label, and the Pro Era collective continues to see massive amounts of succes. He made his acting debut in the second season of “Mr. Robot” as Leon, the main characters close friend. Joey has changed the way the hip-hop industry looks at artists and how they can earn money. Concerts, more specifically tours, and as much free content online as possible is the new game. BadA$$ generated far more money then he would have by signing his rights away to a label. In part because of every single Pro Era fan buying merchandise, and his massive ticket sales. They branded themselves with New York and it worked World wide. Largely ignored by main stream radio, yet idolized by Hip-hop greats and fans alike. What could possibly be next for Mr. Bada$$?

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BadA$$ is scheduled to drop a new Album title “A.A.B.A. on April seventh of this year. However, he wont release the full name yet. Only the intials. The Millennial Times truly feels his next project will push him into the debate of being a top ten rapper. Similar to Chance, he has shook up the music industry on how to pay and promote artists. Joey BadA$$ will go down as one of the greatest Emcees of the millenium.

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