Trump Administration And The EPA. One Cannot Censor What Has Already Been Censored (Opinion From A Liberal Libertarian)

“The Trump administration has almost entirely censored the EPA and got rid of their websites” cried far to many news organizations and climate activists. The website is still up. Any climate related science on government websites have always been a glass filled half way with bullshit. The largest climate activists would all agree with that statement if they really know the culprit and causes of climate change. If they don’t? Why’s it their job to be an ‘activist’ or to ‘raise awareness’ when the EPA is suppose to do that? Why is it that more information continues to come from people and scientists, whom were not working for the EPA?  The Trump administration is now giving more power to the people whether Americans know it or not. Don’t confuse Millennial Trends with saying “Trump is putting the power in the peoples hands!”, because the Trump admin doesn’t realize what kind of power they are putting into peoples hands. People who want to put their foot down for climate change, now more than ever have the opportunity to do so. These people are the American consumers.

For starters, the free market has done FAR more than the EPA has ever done for a sustainable future. The EPA did not create hybrid/electric cars, solar panels, windmills, or hydro-electric energy products. In fact they have assisted Americas largest producer of carbon, waste, and environmental disasters, the agriculture industry. The EPA got rid of a tremendous amount of factory jobs by creating regulations for companies. This outsourced jobs to other countries. A majority of America’s oil, gas, and water consumption comes from the meat and dairy industry. Green Peace won’t tell you that, and they don’t want you to know either. Vegans and innovators like Elon Musk have just as much, if not more of a say in public opinion and activism when it comes to the environment. With the EPA apparently ‘out of the picture’, this gives the people of the United States a chance to really let their voices be heard. The EPA was only the broken megaphone speaking for these activists. YouTube vloggers showing people how to live a more sustainable life style, has done far more than the EPA has ever done for the growing environmental issues. Considering the fact that, if every American stopped eating cows, the climate change problem would solve itself.

If that sounds stupid, explain why now more than ever people choose to eat organic, recycle, and go green… it isn’t the EPA. The EPA has said to stop using cars, and take shorter showers. But why wouldn’t they tell you the truth? They didn’t on a graph on their site.

Pie chart showing emissions by sector. 25% is from electricity and heat production; 14% from transport; 6% from residential and commercial buildings; 21% from industry; 24% from agriculture, forestry and other land use; 10% from other energy uses.

It says the agriculture industry accounts for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions. Live stock and animal bi-product have been proven to account for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions world-wide. Globally. GLOBALLY! The EPA has had a war on carbon yet ignored methane. Methane from livestock has proven to be 25-100 times worse for the longevity of this planet then carbon could ever dream of being. Lets also mention that the Agriculture industry accounts for 80-90% of the worlds water usage.

Politicians have lobbied against American manufacturing companies. Specifically in the automotive and coal industries. All at the same time protecting the agriculture industry. American governments think like this, “Tesla and hybrid cars can flourish, as long as people can drive their cars to get a burger from McDonalds.”The automotive, coal, and oil industry are not responsible for the worlds largest environmental disasters or mass extinction. Not only has it been proven to be false, but now our species is at a point where if everyone stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. The agriculture industry has successfully destroyed the chances of our species surviving.

All of this information has come from documentaries, climate activists, and scholarly articles. None of the following information was provided from the EPA. More people have seen Cowspiracy and Leonardo DiCaprios, Before the Flood, than those who could name any representative or government worker at the EPA. The Trump administrations so-called ‘ban’ and censorship of the EPA doesn’t matter. Clearly the EPA was already censoring the American people. Climate change could have been dramatically slowed if regulations were put in the right place. Just to give a point of reference, here are the final overwhelming facts of why the EPA has failed the planet.

1. Live Stock covers 1/3 of all ice-free land. Meaning all land is covered with shit. Literally.

2. 45% of earths land is used for livestock. Cows are more important to us as a species than we are ourselves.

3. Animal Agriculture is the leading cause for oceanic dead zones, species extinction, deforestation, and habitat destruction. It caused the largest mass extinction in 65 million years. Its happening now, cannot be stopped, and were still caught up in a clean coal debate.

4. 2,500 cows on a dairy farm produce more green house gas and waste then a city of 400,000 people. If this one doesn’t drill it into ones brain nothing will. 400,000 people driving, showering, and smoking don’t even do what 2,500 cows do.

5. 91% of the Amazon was destroyed from palm oil production and other agriculture industries. Yep. Use all the paper and cardboard you want without sweating, because it’s the bag of lays potato chips you should be crying over.

6. Hunting bans & forced hunting have caused natural predators like wolves, cougars, tigers, and bears to have their populations reduced to almost nothing. All animals which could have been edible for us; are being killed off for protection of the livestock industry. Animals that kept rodent and deer populations down are now gone. Think about how many people would’ve not died from illness caused by rats, or car crashes from deers?

7. Thousands of years ago the earths biomass or zoomass was 99% wild animals. Humans and our livestock now account for 98%.

It is literally right in all of your fucking faces. Here is the EPA regulations under Obama, followed by a chart that shows its been the hottest years on record during these regulations.




The EPA, the Government, and your teachers have lied to you. Its in everyones face, but we sit here doing nothing about it. How dumb do you feel after comparing these charts, as well as the fact that every major industrial country is ahead of us in Green energy, and fossil fuel rates are down, yet the earth continues to get hotter? You know it continues to get hotter because of how stupid and lazy we are with our diets right?

You buy plastic water bottles when you have tap water. You buy plastic pencils and pens when you can make your own. You consume grass-fed beef like you’re making a difference. You support political party’s who keep cannabis illegal; which could solve the plastic and nearly all commercial production problems overnight. You buy soap, detergents, and floor cleaners that are less useful than a bottle of coca-cola. It’s not about saving the trees when they can grow back. It’s about not being a glutton. Buy your electric car, solar panels, and wind mills. It wont do shit. It’s over. We crossed the point of no return. Look, the EPA doesn’t give a fuck. They released 3 million gallons of toxic waste into the Colorado river. If you support them, then you don’t give a fuck about the environment. It’s infuriating knowing that I grew up my whole life thinking “If we just didn’t drive cars, we would be fine” because we could live in a sustainable world without fossil fuels. I doubt humans would! Considering the thing keeping us from making massive solar, or wind fields is all the fucking space taken up by cows, their shit, and how much energy it takes to store or transport the ‘said shit’.

The EPA did everything in their power to influence environmental public relations organizations to attack coal, car, and oil industries. These companies then attacked solar, wind, and hydro energy industries out of the fear they would lose their market. Republicans and Democrats have failed massively. Republicans refuse to acknowledge global warming. Where as Democrats acknowledge it but blame its causes on industries that don’t have nearly as big of an impact as they told all of us millennials it did. Why is it that Democrats, to this day, still attack the fossil fuel industry when the cause of global warming is the agriculture industry? Fossil fuels are not good, and I wouldn’t argue for their behalf. However, as someone who calls them selves an environmentalist I can’t sit here and say anything that the EPA has told me. I do not drive. I truly thought I was making a difference. I am a hypocrite. I eat beef 24/7. The EPA never told me it was the cows.


We have massive animal welfare campaigns pushed in our face to prevent their extinction while funding the slaughter industry that was causing their very extinction in the first place. The government gave us a food chart that said red meat, and bread was the most crucial food to millennials diets. You solved a hunger problem, by replacing it with an obesity and climate problem. How can you people not see that it is the massive monopoly the department of agriculture, and EPA have on us is what is causing the problem? Recycling is the best example. If plastic is harmful in the first place, how is giving the shit back to companies to produce for cheaper, or even free going to help? Do not buy plastic in the first place. How can anyone think “Well I am recycling so it wont end up in a land fill or animals mouth!”, you’re right it wont, it will end up in the very hands of the people who are causing those land fills and animals to die, all for them to do it again! Environmentalists need to wake the fuck up. Making a bench out of recycled plastic and cardboard doesn’t do shit for climate change. It gives the obese person a place to consume food from an industry that genetically modifies plants, and animals all while releasing more Carbon, Methane, and wasting water then the very industries we have been told were the cause of this.


The EPA has been screaming at Americans that Republicans are hell-bent on destroying the planet. Yet a majority of Democrats lobby for cheaper food production, big pharma, and have taken rights away from farmers by letting Monsanto regulate what they can do. These farmers not that long ago were able to grow food in a sustainable fashion. Big pharma in the U.S. generates 80% or more of its revenue for antibiotics from livestock. Big coal, oil, and China are what the Obama administration pointed the finger at. All in an effort to censor the real culprits of Earths environmental issues. Trump getting rid of the EPA could potentially be a good thing. Now people get to go to the government, demand change, and actually do something about it. Almost everything in America is dictated by the free market. Home phones were once a thing, now they aren’t. The American people can do the same thing with their cars, diets, and items they buy. It truly does start with you, the consumer. If you choose to bike, eat a plant-based diet, and use renewable energy, you’re doing more for the planet than the EPA ever did. If like myself, you eat meat, you should learn to hunt. Learn to eat other animals other than cows as well. Here is Bill Nye refusing to attack the agriculture industry.

He isn’t a scientist, and him saying that everyone will switch to a plant-based diet because our population is increasing and consumers would dictate the change by demanding it, is bullshit. We haven’t done it now so why the fuck are we going to do it in the future Bill? He spends all his time attacking the fossil fuel industry, when he could be using his power to attack the real culprit of climate change. He refuses to talk about how much water they use. How much fertilizers from both plants and cows are causing massive dead zones in the ocean. Agriculture is literally the one industry that uses every resource on the planet, including the really bad ones.


This became a partisan issue when it clearly didn’t have too. Ford and General Motors are not the reason polar bears are on ice caps. If it was the regulations put in by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama would have curbed climate change. It’s because of the burger on your plate that both parties lobby for. Nearly every change in American Law started with the people, involved the free market, and was demanded by the consumer. Prohibition being a prime example. The larger our government, the more say they have. The smaller it is, the more consumers can say fuck you to Global Warming. Hunt for your food if you eat meat, forgot about milk, and stop buying food that is fake! The EPA didn’t warn you. Trump doesn’t care. But the real question remains, will you care?


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