Trump’s Speech to Congress

Chris Wallace said it best, “I feel like tonight Donald Trump became the president of the United States,” Wallace said. “Yes, of course, he got it … 40 days ago when he was sworn in. But so many Democrats didn’t recognize him. I think tonight, whether they agree with him or didn’t agree with him, he became the president of the United States…and everyone’s going to have to accept that fact.”



More importantly than people’s opinions of his speech, how did the markets react? For the first time in history the DOW has not only surpassed 21,000, but blew right past it. Right after Trump’s speech to Congress, the DOW gained 300 basis points overnight. The S&P500 also had a positive reaction to Trump’s speech with an overnight gain of 32 basis points. Although Trump wasn’t specific with his tax reforms, the investors seem to be very optimistic for the future of the United States.

What are your thoughts of his speech? Comment below!

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