The Millennial Times Monthly – 10 Random Facts You Deserve To Know

  1. You don’t eat 8 spiders a year in your sleep. It’s so unlikely for a spider to crawl into your mouth at night that there’s no formal medical or scientific record of it actually ever happening. Spiders get most of the information about their surroundings through vibrations. Your heartbeat, breathing, and snoring usually scare them away. That’s a relief.
  2. Straight men are the most likely to have an orgasm during sex, but the least likely to return the favor. A 2017 study of orgasm frequency among straight, gay, and bisexual men and women found that 88-95% of men claim they usually or always orgasm, regardless of their sexual orientation. However, 86% of lesbians usually or always orgasm during sex, while only 65% of straight and bi women can say the same. Gentlemen…what’s going on?
  3. You can get a good sense of someone’s personality by asking him or her simply what he or she thinks about other people. Studies show people tend to see more of their own qualities in others. When you focus on others’ negative qualities, you’re more likely to have those same negative traits. If you often judge others positively, you’re more likely to be emotionally stable and satisfied with your life. Judge wisely.
  4. Jealous, angry, sad, and guilty feelings can make you a healthier person. Figuring out the reason for your negative emotions and learning from unpleasant experiences makes you stronger, and that success can bring happiness. However, when you suppress and ignore negative emotions, you eliminate the balance of good and bad. The contrast of feeling sad is what makes feeling happy so wonderful, happiness wouldn’t exist if you’d never truly embrace your sadness.
  5. If you want to better understand a particular subject, argue with yourself about it. Imagining both sides of an argument gives you a more sophisticated understanding of the subject because you’re likely to link more problems and solutions, find more criticisms, and gain a deeper knowledge of both your own views, and opposing ones. We don’t recommend doing this in public.
  6. There’s a reason we think sloths, frogs, and other ugly-cute (mostly cute) animals are adorable. Large eyes, big heads, and soft bodies remind our brains of human babies. Animals with these infantile traits trigger humans’ protection instincts and trick us into thinking they need our companionship, which ultimately helps them survive (and helps our soul).
  7. Studies show that people decide if you’re smart, likeable, trustworthy, adventurous, successful, or extroverted within 3 seconds of meeting you (3 whole seconds… nice).
  8. Loving someone, being loved, and showing physical affection can help wounds heal faster. When you have positive relationships and frequent human contact in your life, it increases your level of oxytocin. Oxytocin increases pain tolerance, reduces blood pressure, and eases stress. Now get over here and bring it in.
  9. People are really good at figuring out strangers’ names based on their faces. Studies show that when given a random face and a list of names to choose from, people guess the right name more often then when left to chance. Scientist think it might be because stereotypes are subconsciously associated with names, and that people are unknowingly change their own appearance to fit the stereotype of their name. We don’t recommend this, don’t be boring.
  10. Octopuses are older than dinosaurs. Creepy right?

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