Could XXXTentacion Be The Downfall Of The Drake Franchise?

We know Millennials. What don’t we know? The generation below us, however, XXXTENTACION has every single middle school, and high school person’s mind in America currently at his beckon. Often when a rapper posts a picture with millions of followers, only a few hundred thousand followers will like that picture. XXXtentacion doesn’t have that problem. He has everyone (and their mothers) like that picture. Without fail it appears that a majority of his followers also have fan accounts dedicated to him, and they follow other fan accounts…a community I wouldn’t mind being a part of.

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(Pitch Fork)

But why in the world is he calling out Drake? The man who murders careers faster then Eminem would die from laughter if Ja Rule came out with a new diss track. He’s doing this for the very same reasons Joe Budden, and Meek Mill called Aubrey out. Yes we called him Aubrey; we’re allowed to because we knew Drake as Jimmy. Millennials and Drake get along. It doesn’t bother us that Drake is crushing it. The more on his team, the merrier. His music is nectar from the music gods.

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(Saint Heron)

Drake is without a doubt the most talented artist in the game, as well as the most successful. With that being said there is far more to Drake than just Drake. Every rapper has a team that’s for sure. Drake’s team is dedicated to creating the perfect brand, music, and lyrics for the rapper we call Drake.

To the population, and every club in the world, its a blessing and a miracle. For that, Millennials thank Drake. For rappers who produce their own music, write their own bars, and market their own brand; he is the epitome of what annoying hip hop fans would dub as “main stream”. X is not mainstream. He maintains to be a threat to Drake because of his ability to cross genres, and no we’re not kidding, the kid has songs that sound like cold play, death metal, hardcore rap, mumble rap, and his very own cross between punk/rap/metal. With the biggest of his highlight reel being “Look at me”. With the help of his fans, this became a YouTube challenge, and also one of the biggest songs on the billboard 100. With that being said, Lil Dicky must be pissed, X sampled his “too high” beat, but honestly did justice too it.

‘Look at me’ is one of those songs where you don’t want to like it, but every time you’re drunk in an Uber or Car you want to hear it. That crowded basement or house party, it just has that bass that makes you want to be as destructive as you can possibly be in a few minutes. Whats startling about the phenomenon is the kid, like his hair, is very split. On one hand he sends a positive message of confidence, and recently even offered to feed his fans for free for an entire month. However, the dude has been in and out of prison, has got some serious charges and allegations that have been brought upon him, however, that is not our place to judge.

As far as his music, he is crossing genres with hip-hop that otherwise would have never touched one another. Emo, Screamo, Metal, Punk, and Rap all in one. We just got over the overwhelmingly emo, goth, and scene craze from the last wave of high school Millennials from 2005-2015. XXXTentacion has a fan base like that, but they’re willing to riot for him. Literally willing to riot, purely because they like his music.  If his success continues, Drake may have to send in the team.


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